Friday, December 07, 2012

In Too Deep...

Inspired by the never followed ever-stretched-budget, I cruised around online in search of a part time job here in dusty Alamogordo.  Nothing fit in with Jason's schedule.  Nothing would work for my family.  It was disheartening. 

Light bulb!!  I could hire someone to watch the kids while I work!  Isn't that what the other mommies do?  Yes; the solution!  Let's see...  childcare, times five.  Yikes!  That would be my entire paycheck!  Never mind...

I always wanted to be a mommy.  I say this outloud to myself on the hard says.  Like a mantra.  "I want to be a mommy!  I want to be a mommy!"  Color on the walls?  Shoes all over the floor?  Muddy footprints in my kitchen?  "I want to be a mommy!  I want to be a mommy!"

Children are like magnets and I'm the big white fridge.  They stick to me, drawn continually to all my sides.  There's no escape.    It is a tug-of-war.  I need that mommy escape to Wal-mart, but as soon as I walk out the door my heart tightens in my chest and I miss their sweet faces.  An unexpected symptom of Motherhood. 

I remember the Truth.  I am called to Motherhood Ministry.  I do enjoy my kids.  I would miss them greatly if I were gone all day, every day.  I am a crazy blessed woman, indeed. 

I'm in too deep to turn back now.  Might as well grab those sweet chubby hands and run the race set before us.  Ready, set, go!  Wait.  Yes. I can tie your shoes.  What? You forgot the water bottle?  UH?  You need to potty??? 

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