Monday, April 09, 2012

Keys School... Almost done!!!

We are wrapping up our school year at the Keys House.  My goal is to finish everything by the end of May.  Earlier this school year, we had a few slow months where we slogged through school, missing many days due to an abundant life.  So the next six weeks will be intense as we push hard towards our goals and wrap Kindergarten and 2nd grade up nicely, neatly and with style.

Funnix has continued to be The Best curriculum purchase I have made in my three years of homeschooling.  Isaiah is on lesson 96 of 120 in Funnix Level One.  We hope to continue working hard and be completely caught up (maybe even ahead!!) by the end of next year. The girls worked through lesson 24 before I decided to pause Funnix with them both and focus on completely learning their ABC sounds and letter recognition.  They have excellent comprehension of reading, but I do not want to move forward until they have their letters memorized 100%. 

Late in the Homeschool Game of 2011-2012, I discovered another excellent site. is a math practice website.  For only $9.95/month, one child can practice endless amounts of math skills in Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  For an additional, $3.95, per child/per month, I can add as many children as I need to the program for their own individual practice times.  IXL lists state math standards for each grade and offers practice exercises for each state standard.  The kids love it.  And so does the teacher. 

Thanks to our previous slow poke ways, we are now high tailing it around the last few bends, pushing to finish the year with a bang.  I increased our school time to doing math and reading every day, instead of alternating days.  The kids are doing great with the extended time, not overwhelmed with the extra work at all.  Yay! 

So that is our Keys School Update.  For those who wonder what we DO all day...

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