Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keys House Of Learning

I am learning more and more every day what it really means to be a homeschool family.  Homeschoolers are a society all to themselves.  While some families work diligently to popularize their children and sink them into the world's culture, homeschool families take steps to ensure their children are different.  Gasp!  I know, I know, Heaven forbid our children don't look like the popular kids.  It goes against my grain, too.  But the reality is I want my kids to look like Jesus Christ; I want them to represent true, Bible based Christianity.  Current culture is far from Biblical truths.  If I'm doing my job right, my kids will stick out in society.

**side note**  Children in formal schooling can also be amazing examples of followers of Jesus Christ.  We have chosen to school at home, but I certainly do not judge other families and their choices.  I do urge parents (homeschool AND traditional school) to check their definition of success, ensuring it lines up with God's definition of a successful life.***

Teaching my children a godly lifestyle is the foundation of our homeschool.  Christ is interwoven in everything we do.  We talk about God when we play outside; how he created the mountains and the sky.  God is the reason our bodies work so splendidly perfect.  God gives us the ability to learn and to read; he truly is linked to our teaching.

As a one-income family, I constantly seek the Lord for financial direction.  Curriculum costs are ridiculous and it is definitely not "in the budget" to sink $500 in schooling materials, per kid (that's times three now).  My faithful Father pointed us in several directions and we have started this years' curriculum for all of a mere $25, plus miscellaneous expenses for computer paper, printer ink, pencils, glue, etc. 

All three of my school-age kids are going through the Funnix program.  Funnix is a reading program downloaded onto our home computer from the Funnix $25 CD.  By the end of the 200 lessons, the student should be reading at a 3rd grade level.  Isaiah is sailing along.  I am supplementing more alphabet learning with the girls.  Even three-year-old Samuel has done a lesson or two. 

Curriculum for all other subjects are a conglomeration of online resources, the library and books from our own collection.  It's so cheap...  I feel like I'm stealing. 

I also sought the Lord for direction on organizing our days.  I have so many little ones to teach, it is often incredibly overwhelming.  Right now (and life changes moment by moment), we do English and Science on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Math and Social Studies are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It sounds like we're not doing a lot, but we actually continually teach on all subjects all day long.  Kids learn so much from playtime and general interaction with adults.  With a steady stream of conversation between me and the children, I am always teaching. 

Grace abounds in our home.  Learning is not a race.  Subject by subject, one day lesson at a time, I am confident in the Lord that we will produce some awesome homeschool graduates! Now, let's get back to our ABCs and 123s...

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