Friday, September 17, 2010

It's A Heart Thing; Baby Number Five?

I am ready for another baby.  

OK, everyone calm down and take a deep breath.  I'm not sharing this personal matter of the heart with you so you can judge and question and wonder about my sanity.  I am sharing it with you because it is truly a miracle that I want another baby.  

Reading through my pregnancy posts, I am reminded of the struggles of pregnancy and the hard lessons I learned through perseverance.  After four pregnancies and four babies, I am well aware of the difficulties another pregnancy will bring to our family.

Oh, but I still want a baby.  My feeling for another baby is as strong as if it were my first time around the merry-go-round.  I see babies and I envy the mommies carrying them.  I walk past baby clothes and I sigh in desire for a baby to fill out the pale pinks, blues and yellows.  Women with their swollen pregnant bellies look beautiful and precious to me.  See, I've got it bad!!    

The desire for another baby stole upon me unexpectedly.  This summer the urge begin to tickle my heart.  I broached the subject with my impregnator, the handsome hubby, and he was quite shocked.  "We" decided it would be a good idea to wait until after our cross county move.

Here we are in the new home, the dust is settling around us and my urge has turned into a full force hurricane.  I want another baby!  The strong desire surprises me.   God has truly changed my heart.  I look at my children and feel like there should be more.  I know this does not mesh with our society's views on children, but that's OK.  It meshes with God's view, and that is whose opinion counts. 

So that's that.  I am just warning you all.  Baby Number Five is in my heart...  Only God knows when he/she will be growing in my womb.  Giggle-giggle.  

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