Monday, April 27, 2009

Air Show Pictures

Air Show time!! It was a busy place to be Sunday, but we had a blast anyways!!

Isaiah recognized this as "Sky Captain's plane".

Jason's favorite plane of the day. We crossed over a mile to get to this thing; thought I'd better take a picture to commemorate the adventure.

Everyone like a loopty-loop!

All smiles!!

Momma and three of her babies.

My Rose

My boys.
**Note the ear foamies: very, very important aspect of having a good time at the very loud air show.

Ms Lela Mae sporting her awesome ear foamies.

Samuel James, all tuckered out.

eight things

I've been tagged! Here's a little more about me you probably don't' care to know....

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1. having a clean house [sure it will require some effort, but it will feel good to have a clean house.
2. my humongo road trip
3. Jason coming home [I know, he just left for work.. but, I already miss him]
4. going to bed tonight
5. naptime
6. playing with my kids today
7. seeing my mother in July
8. the far off day when Jason and I can be just be "us"

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. went to the Air Show!! Whew-hoo!
2. made the dumb mistake of not putting on sunscreen and, consequently...
3. got a bad sunburn
4. bought our 2008 photo album off Snapfish
5. wiped several little bottoms
6. carried a sleeping baby about a mile
7. thanked God for my baby that made my arms ache
8. watched my kids play in the water and realized how beautiful they are. realized again.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. be a better mother
2. go on a week long honeymoon trip with my handsome husband
3. sleep through the night without the darling baby waking me up
4. make my sunburn go away... OUCH!
5. talk to my mother face to face; give her a hug
6. win the lottery
7. run a mile without feeling like I'm going to die. Heck, just be able to run a mile.
8. go to the bathroom alone. Without interruptions.

8 Shows I Watch
1. American Idol
3. Food Network
4. whatever else is on.... I don't have time for TV!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

are we gonna watch them fly high?

The Air Show is this weekend. This is our fourth year to have the opportunity to attend the Langley Air Show. We went the first two years, but didn't make it last year.

First year we had a six month old and a one year old. Easy; piece of cake. One double stroller and we were set.

Year two we had three babies. My newborn in a wrap and the two year old and one year old in the double stroller. That year was hard. I couldn't find a private place to nurse [back then I cared about that... ] so I ended up leaning against a concrete road blocker. Isaiah totally freaked out about the noise level of the jet engine's. They do this cool "fly by" thing that is very loud. I makes my heart race, and makes my kids upset. We ended that adventure with three crying babies.

Year three I was pregnant and felt pretty crappy. Plus, the memories of year two were pretty fresh. We skipped the air show.

Here we are, year four and Jason and I are trying to decide which direction to take. Isaiah loves airplanes and jets. But, he does cover his ears when the F-15s fly over the base on a daily bases. Rose loves the planes. She watches them, unafraid. Lela covers her ears. Then there's the new kid; usually my little babies don't really notice the loud noise. Plus, if momma's smiling, they figure all's well anyway.

I think we are going to dive in this year. The plan right now is to go right after the early church service tomorrow. That will put us there as the air show begins. There are also lots of planes on the ground for viewing; the kids have really enjoyed those in the past.

I want to have fun. I want it to BE fun. I want the kids to enjoy it and be blessed. I want to make some memories of our family time at the Air Show. Plus, I think the Air Show is cool and I want to go!

So... I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the middle of the night

It is three o'clock in the morning, The early, early news is running its second round of the same set of stories.

Samuel has a cold. He can't breathe easily and wakes up in the darkness of the night, wheezing, gagging and coughing. I am praising God for the nebulizer He blessed us with when Isaiah was a baby. Samuel has had breathing treatments every 4-6 hours the past three days. It does seem to help.

I can tell he doesn't feel well and there is so little I can really do about his discomfort. And so, I hold him. I tell him I love him. We cuddle. I get up at 2:00am. I spoon child's Ibuprofen into his mouth. I nurse around the clock, even if it has only been an hour since the last feeding.

Because I am his mother and that is what mothers do. And I know, "this too shall pass". Sweet dreams everyone. I'm off to rock my darling.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

at least Jason is going

Jason has a one-way ticket to Texas. Sounds like my kind of country music song. La-la-la-la!! Di-dah!

At least one of us is 100% confirmed on our Texas part of the road trip. It makes things much more real to me. In a good way.

I am excited to see everyone. Overwhelmed at all the traveling. Praying for health for all the kids; no body's allowed to be sick!!

I am not a typically "take it easy" type person. Jason helps me in this area and I am trying to learn how to "go with the flow". I believe that approach will help us all tremendously on the road trip. Oh yeah, and the "this is supposed to be fun" mindset will go a long way for me, too.

I am already starting to collect little goodies that will make the long ride easier. On sale Easter eggs that have small toys in them will be just the thing after four hours in the car. Er, mini-van.

It's not even 9am and I have already worked out, cooked breakfast, fed the kids and posted a blog. Not too bad at all.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the end of the RV and a little update on the family

OK. So, sleep brought a little peace. But, more peace came when Jason and I decided that the RV was just not what we need right now. Oh, well, we do need it; but, we don't need the gas money investment it will bring to our vacation budget. You see, this lovely RV gets 7 mpg. Seven. That means we would spend over $2000 in GAS MONEY ONLY for our 6000 mile road trip. YIKES.

Sadly, we kissed the RV dream good bye and settled on the all faithful mini-van. Which, really, brings me a deep sigh of relief. The RV would have been great, but it will be enough of a challenge to juggle life, kids, driving, etc with the mini-van.

And so we continue ironing out details for the trip. I am still leaving ahead of Jason. I'll be "on the road" for about two weeks before Jason flies to TX and meets up with us. I'll go to my dear friend, Autumn's house in Kansas and then to Texas to meet up with some of my family [not before stopping to see an old college friend in Arkansas] before heading to Fort Worth to meet up with Jason's family.

I am the most nervous about my three day drive to KS. At this point, I'll be alone with four kids. One will still be nursing. I will definitely have to stop every two hours to nurse. So, I'm guessing what would take a normal person eight hours to drive, it will take us at least ten!! Slow and steady is my motto.


Well, that's the update on the road trip. Here is some this 'n that on our family:

This picture was taken last Sunday before church. Thus the clean and freshly dressed children. We don't spend every day this good looking! Three out of four smiles is about the max for us in pictures. Not sure what was up with my beautiful Rose.
Five-month-old Samuel has sprouted his first tooth!! WOW! He's the first of my kids to do that so early. The other three started teething around eight months. Samuel's ahead of the game!!
He is also already sitting up! Another early bird for us. He has beat the other kids by a month on that milestone. What a guy! He is totally full of smiles and continues to be a joy on my lap at every feeding session. Oh, I love him so!!

My Lela Mae turned two last week. She talks like a big girl. It is hard to believe she is only two with the way she keeps up with her older siblings. People ask if her and Rose are twins! HA! Rose isn't very big for her age and Lela is big for a two year old. They both weigh about 30 pounds. Lela Mae likes to sing with us and I absolutely love to hear her sweet, precious voice. Makes this momma so happy!

My Rose Jubilee is very three years old. She is swiftly moving into that preschool mode. Her mind is opening up to learn and I find it very exciting! Rose mothers Lela Mae and Samuel. She is actually excellent with Samuel and truly helps me. He adores her; craning his neck to see his biggest sister. Rose is our early bird and likes to get up before the sun rises in the morning. But, she is almost always bright and cheerful; so it's not too bad.

Then there is my Isaiah Luke! Oh, what a big boy he's become. Sometimes when I look at him, it takes my breath away. He looks like a little boy; not at all like a baby. He is getting taller and slimmer; my baby is gone. [Which is OK; especially since baby brother, Samuel, looks exactly like Isaiah did when he was a baby!!] Isaiah designs and creates a train track with his small train track pieces every day at quiet time. That's "his thing" right now. They are always good and quite impressive. Bridges, intersections and the like are included in his every day building. What a smartie!!
So, that's us. Hope you enjoyed the update! [I know you did, MOM!]

Thursday, April 09, 2009

what was i thinking? and isn't she beautiful?

We drove one hour and thirty minutes to view this RV today.

We were far from disappointed. It is very clean. The current owner, a wonderful older gentlemen named Sonny, loves this RV. He has obviously cared for it meticulously. He took Jason on a thorough walk through of this thirty-four foot 1994 Gulfstream. This might be the one.

We have viewed a lot of RVs. This one is the nicest so far that is this old and is within our price range. It smells good. There is no dirt anywhere. There is a tub in the bathroom. Low mileage. SEVEN seat belts in the back. Fuel injected. Absolutely perfect.

And I am terrified. Full of anxiety. Sitting in this exactly-what-we-want-RV today brought the reality of it all home to me. Reality of the humongous road trip. Reality of learning to drive a full house across the USA. Reality of going alone for the first two weeks. R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.
The combination of anxiety and carsickness overcame me after our short ride around the block in the RV. [Yes, sweet Sonny started "her up" and took our whole family for a joy ride in the RV of our dreams. It was fun. And brought more of that reality thing I was talking about...]
What am I thinking? Taking this huge RV across the states? All by myself?? It is a three day drive to KS, our first stop. Alone. Parking and doing bedtime, alone. At a campsite. Alone. Driving alone. Towing a mini-van. ALONE!
I just don't know if I can do this. How am I going to do this? How will I maneuver a boat of a vehicle and manage four small children in the back?
Doubts assail me as I head to bed tonight. Oh, may sleep bring me blissful peace.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eight minutes to blog and happy birthday to Lela Mae

I have been neglecting my blog. So many other pressing needs pull me away and writing sinks to the bottom of my priority list.

But, this morning I have approximately eight minutes before I must jump to the rest of my day. So here goes..........

My youngest daughter, Lela Mae Grace, officially turned two on Monday, April 6th, 2009. This darling of mine has been acting two for about nine months so it is good to see her age finally catching up with her development. Smile. I am so not a proud momma or anything of that nature.

In honor of Lela Mae's birthday, the few minutes I have to post will be taken up with Lela. [Who, by the way, is hollering from her crib to come get her up. But, I only have three more minutes left and, well, I'm gonna make her wait... shh.. don't tell anyone

When I was pregnant with Lela Mae, I felt God told me she would be "my grace". We gave her the middle name as a reminder of God's promise to me. And, Lela has been my grace. My labor and delivery with Lela was my easiest so far. I sewed on a project up until one hour before Lela was born. Only one hour was excruciating. Lela Mae was one of "those babies". You know, the kind you see everyone else has while yours is screaming? Yep, I got one of "those". Hee hee. She slept three hour chunks of time, from the beginning. She woke up to eat, coo, poop and then went back to sleep. As she got older, she was content to sit and watch the other kids play.

Continuing the grace theme, Lela Mae is also one of "those kids" who potty trained them self. I had heard rumors of "those kids" and simply didn't believe "those moms". Now, I brag about my [then] 20 month old toddler who threw her diaper in the trash and decided to wear big girl undies. I certainly had nothing to do with that!! It was God's grace on me by giving me a child who brings me, well, grace

And so, my sweet Lela Mae, I am blessed to call you "mine". You have been my grace and I am thankful, so very thankful, that you are my daughter. You bring me joy and peace. You make me smile. You make me proud. You are an amazing and precious addition to our family. I love the way you observe your surroundings. I love how God made YOU.

May God draw you ever nearer to His side. May He teach you His ways and His heart. May you always know Him and walk with Him all the days of your life.


Three minutes past end time and counting... off I go!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

praying for the babies

Prayers for Stellan

I am praying for baby Stellan. He looks so much like my Samuel. My heart is heavy as I consider the struggle he faces every moment. I pray desperately for God, my mighty and powerful God, to heal this tiny baby.

Stellan is suffering from SVT. Most of my followers are fellow bloggers from blogworld and are followers of MckMama's mycharmingkids. [If you have not already, I urge you to click over to MckMama's blog and read her story. And then to pray.] I know you are with me in this heaviness for a baby the majority of us have never met. Oh, how my heart aches. Every time I read MckMama's posts about her sick baby, all I want to do is go cuddle my own little 5 month old. I find myself loving on him with a fierce thankfulness for his health and wholeness. And while I love him, I pray for Stellan.

Much, much closer to home... well, my heart's home anyway... there is another baby that weighs heavily on my heart. A dear friend of mine [not mentioning names due to privacy issues] has decided she cannot manage mothering her young infant and has given him to her parents. Sigh. Oh that rocks my heart. I am in the deep and intense trenches of motherhood and I certainly know the passion and difficulties that rises and falls with day to day parenting. I know it's hard; I get it. And so, my prayers are intermingled with these babies. My own babies I lift before the Father. Prayers for Stellan's health. Prayers for the motherless baby.

Oh, God. Hear our prayers. Answer us from Heaven.

revolutionary love

I have experienced revolutionary love. Love with no strings attached. Jesus Christ loves me and made a way for me to have a relationship with the One True God. God desires a relationship with you, too. If you have yet to experience this revolutionary love, please email me at so I can share this amazing experience with you. Blessings, -Jess