Saturday, March 28, 2009

not for the faint of heart....and tape yourself to your buddy

Isn't that beautiful? Yep, folks, that's my pinkie toe. I fell down the last two steps of our flight of stairs and badly bruised my poor, little toe. OUCH! It is swollen to twice the size of my opposite toe on the other foot and it so beautifully colored.
I was in quite a bit of pain on Thursday, the day I hurt it. But, yesterday is was getting better and today it is even better. Yea. I am buddy-taping it to its buddy. That's what friends are for, right?
So, the moral of my silly toe story is... when you are bruised and sore, tape yourself to your buddy. It'll get better. Hee-hee.
Have a great weekend, everybody!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As Anyone Seen Our House?

I have a new passion. Actually, my whole family has a new passionate hobby. We are RV shopping! YEA!!

See, there's this humongo road trip coming up. Because our life is not adventurous enough [with four little children and all] we are embarking on what I am endearingly referring to as The Family Fun Humongo Road Trip. The FFHRT is a 6,000+ miles road trip me and the family will be experiencing this summer. Oh yes, you read that right: SIX THOUSAND MILES. Whew. Just typing it feels crazy... lalalalallaaaa.

Here's the deal. We have family all over the gorgeous US of A. So our stops on the FFHRT will include [but are not limited to] Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and Illinois. Those are our main stops. Most of these stops are about 16 hours from each other. Two full days of driving. With two freshly potty-trained girls and one still-having-the-occasional-accident-boy. Oh and one nursing infant. Yea... lalalalla

You can see the need for a motor home, yes? We could to. A very sane thought in the midst of craziness. God has blessed us and our budget and we believe we can carry a low monthly payment in exchange for sanity on our 6 week FFHRT. [A thousand miles a week; not a bad average really. Hee-hee.] Plus, we are convincing ourselves that we will use it more than once/year and go camping/traveling as a family "just because" and not just to see family who live 2 days or more away.

The past two weeks we have gone RV shopping at every opportunity. So much so, that Little Lela Mae [my almost two-year-old] now shouts "RV!" when we casually mention this or that RV. She is so into it!

The search continues for the perfect house on wheels. The perfect house on wheels in our budget, that is. I'd say our FFHRT is off to a great start!! Yipee!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

thes are the days of our lives

It's one of those days.... A day when I walk around and around the house and still feel like very little has been accomplished. I am continually behind "the schedule". Sigh.

Walk in living room... pick up trash and take dishes to sink... once in the kitchen, I realize the trash needs taking out... returning to the house, I pick up a stray dirty sock and take it to the laundry room.... oh yeah, time to rotate laundry..... and on and on it goes!


Things I've witnessed my kids saying/doing lately and things I thought I'd never have to say...

"Come wipe my stinky bottom!" I hear this one aaaaaaaaaallllllll day long.

"Isaiah, dirty diapers aren't bombs; I don't care that Daddy throws them!"

"Who got into my jewelry box??"

"You didn't know the milk was split, Mom? Oh. I thought you knew" and that's why the milk was still all over the table and floor.

"Can I wash the dishes, Mom?"

"Rose, don't sit on the baby!"

"What's in the baby's mouth?"

"I told you to stay out of the mud!"

Yadda, yadda. Ah, these are the days of our lives. Loving this wonderful season God has me in; seriously, I am.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the winner is!!!!

Apparently, it pays to have done all the chances and have FIVE ENTRIES in the giveaway. Our winner is... -drum roll, please- KIM over at Journey of Healing. Congrats, Kim. E-mail me your address and I will get your prize in the mail to you ASAP.

Thank you to all of you who participated. This was fun. I hope you guys will get a chance to read this book because it really has blessed my life.

I am busy getting ready for MOMS CLUB today, so I don't really have time to post. But, I promised you a winner last night so I thought I ought to get it out there soon.

Please keep us in your prayers. I've got three recovering from colds and the baby is sick with a fever and cold. So, he's a tad fussy.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SEX BOOK GIVEAWAY: HA! Gotcha! Seriously, I'm giving away a book about SEX


Hey guys, today is the drawing giveaway! You have until 8pm EST to get all your chances into the hat. After my kids in are bed, I will be drawing a name for the winner of the best sex book ever!! So, please double check that you have earned all of your entries. Don't forget to write your love story and then LINK IT BACK TO MR. LINKY for those extra two entries. [Thanks Amanda and Kim for going all the way. Love you girls!!] Good luck everyone!!


In celebration of my 200th post [this is 200 plus one], I am having a giveaway. Just for fun. I have wracked my brain for great giveaway ideas... And I think I have a GOOD one!! :) Next Tuesday, March 17th, I will be giving away:

When Two Become One: Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

This is a book for married couples [or engaged couples]. It is my favorite book about God's gift to married couples; sex. Remember, God created sex. It is not dirty or wrong as long as it is kept within the God intended boundries.

I would love to give this book to all of my married follower/readers, but I just can't squeeze it into my budget. Instead, one blessed reader will WIN When Two Become One. Here's the lowdown:

To participate in the book giveaway, you must do atleast the first option. After that, the more you do, the more chances you will have to win. The drawing will be held Tuesday, March 17th.

Option #1) Leave me a comment telling me how long you have been married and your number one favorite thing about your husband. [You must leave me a comment to be entered into this drawing. Followers are not automatically entered this time. I want to hear from you, OK? Smile.]

Option #2) Create a post on your blog linking it back to me, telling your followers/readers about my romantic giveaway. [This will give you TWO more entries.]

Option #3) Create a post about how much you love your husband. I would love to read your love story. How you met, etc. It's time to share, ladies [and any gentlemen out there -Hi Dad!-]. After creating your Tell Me About It post, please link up with Mr. Linky so that we can jump around and read each other's stories. [This option gives you TWO more entries.]

You have a chance to earn a total of FIVE entries into the drawing. [FYI You can combine Option 2 and 3 into the same post, if you want to.] I am excited to read your comments and posts. Have fun!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

It's that time again; Not Me Monday blog carnival. Craziness is about to ensue; are you ready?? Join the fun at MckMama's blog! Whew-hew!! Oh you guys, have I got some good ones!!

It is not me giving away a book about SEX! Everyone knows I am on the conservative side -giggle giggle- so I would never talk about or blog about sex. Never.

It was not me who dropped a beautiful lemon cake on the sidewalk on the way to tuck it safely into the van. I did not forget to check the latch of the cake display container before grabbing the handle and trotting out the door. I did not debate on whether to laugh or cry at the upside down cake laying on the rainy pavement. That was not me laughing hysterically as I stood outside, in the rain and stared at said cake.

Since I am the proud mother of four intense blessings, it was not me who told the YMCA receptionist that I have FIVE KIDS when she asked how many kids I have! What? How crazy am I? Five kids?? Where did that come from??

I did not have a little mental party when I realized that God had mercy and we made it through another cycle without creating a baby. It's not like I am Fertile Myrtle or anything so I would count it a sweet victory to have been though two cycles without getting pregnant. I certainly did not thank the Lord in all sincerity when I noticed my "friend" showing up for a visit, proving that at least thus far, God is hearing our prayers for a wondrous break of childbearing. [disclaimer-FYI Just so you all know, if I do miss my "friend" and discover a baby is on the way before our requested "break" comes to fruition, I will praise the Lord and look forward to the beautiful baby he created. Just FYI.]

And last, but not least, it is not me who has three kids with runny noses who are going through the box of tissues like it was candy. It is not me contemplating giving them all night time cold and cough medicine and declaring it a "sick day" officially with movie watching all day. Not me. My kids are never sick, of course.

My Love Story

I asked all of you to share YOUR love story, and then I realized I needed to share MINE!

Jason and I have known each other since he was eleven and I was fourteen. Our families were church friends for several years. His mother actually prayed for my future husband with me long before we knew that husband was her son!

His family moved away and then my family moved away. Ten years later, when Jason was turning 21 and I was 23 [there is two and half years between us] we re-met. I had heard rumors that "the Keys Boys" were all tall and handsome. So, when I took a road trip from Illinois to Texas, I had to see these Keys Boys for myself. Jason's brother, Joel, caught my eye first [he sang and played guitar-I liked that.] My mother and a dear friend listened to me go on about Joel and then sweetly said, "that's nice, Jess... But, what about Jason?" And I turned my eyes to the tall, quiet, shy Jason.

Jason was very quiet, but I liked how he listened to me. He was respectful and kind. I invited him to join me for the trip back to Illinois. He agreed to come. During the 24 hour, two day trip, I quizzed the tall man about everything. Asked if he believed in spanking children as discipline; asked if he would ever go into the mission field; asked if he wanted his wife to work or stay at home with the kids. Basically, I asked about everything. There were no rules in my interrogation process. And Jason thought about every question. I fell in love with his voice, listening to his thoughtful and thorough responses.

We left on our road trip, as friends, on February 24th 2003. Jason proposed March 10th. We married April 19, 2003. We knew we had found our soul mates. I remember holding his hand, my heart trembling. I could not understand how I did nto really know this man, but my spirit knew him. Song of Solomon says "I have found the one my soul loves." This verse expressed our love perfectly; it was on our wedding invitations.

So that's it. And they lived happily ever after. Plus four kids. More to come, I'm sure.

The End.... or not... wink-wink

Monday, March 09, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

It's that time again. I missed it last week and have been very sad. So this week I'm jumping on board again. MckMama is hosting the craziness of Not Me Monday! Be sure to check it out at her blog. These are the things I did not do this week. Hee-hee-hee.

It was not me who fell apart last night when I found a puddle of pee in the bathroom floor just thirty minutes after cleaning up the first puddle of pee that night. I did not interrogate my three year old and almost-two-year-old about who the guilty pee-er might be. That was not me; I have an endless amount of pee-patience.

On that note, it was not me who thought nothing of a drop of pee landing on my big toe from dumping the little potty's pee chamber into the big potty. Since pee is certainly gross, I never would have shrugged my shoulders and gone on about my day without washing the drop of pee from my toe. Not me.

It was not me who tried to do all of the following at the same time: finish sewing project while baking a new recipe for a coffee cake while doing my hair and make-up while keeping a four month old happy while chasing a pee-covered toddler while feeding three kids their breakfast while wrapping a baby shower present while trying valiantly to keep my sanity. Not me. I know my limits.

Oh yeah, this is so not my TWO HUNDREDTH POST!! Oooh... Maybe I'll do another giveaway.. hummm... interesting. Better check back and see where this little party goes.

Ahh.... Why is this so much fun?? [I've been thinking about that drop of pee all week; knew you guys would like that one!!] Love you all! Now go have a great day!

Friday, March 06, 2009

rise and ..... yawn.....

Why do they get up at 5:30 in the morning?? What is up with that??? How early does a mom have to get up to have the non-existent-but-ever-searching-for-quiet-time??

We made them get back in bed this morning.

"No, Rose. It's not time to get up; go back to bed until the sun comes up," Jason told her.

Ten minutes later, Isaiah sleepily comes down stairs ready for breakfast. Breakfast before six am. Sigh. I was not ready for kids to join the quietness of the early morning. I covet this short "alone time" with my hubby. When the kids get up early... it is hard to smile them a "good morning".

All four were up by 7am. And so the day begins. Bright and early.

Research begins today on how many hours a kid needs to sleep in a 24 hour period. We are considering moving bedtime up an hour in hopes of encouraging the darlings to sleep in a tad bit. I'll keep you posted. Of course.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

an early good morning as I tackle it all

A little bit of coffee in the AM goes a loooooooong way, doesn't it?

Jason's alarm woke me up fifteen minutes before 5:00 this morning. Samuel heard the alarm, too and nuzzled his momma for an early feeding. [If the alarm had not awakened him, then the clatter of our basil thermometer hitting the floor might have done it!] Little Samuel nursed while my mind began its fuzzy awakening. Jason headed the the bathroom for his morning routine.

Once Samuel had his fill of the warm breastmilk, I headed downstairs. By the time Jason joined me, coffee was poured and ready and breakfast was almost done. Usually, I wait for the kids to eat, so I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee while he ate his breakfast tacos [a favorite of my hubby's].

I love getting up with my man in the mornings. I used to do that every single day in the pre-four-babies-days. Now, with Samuel needing me, I miss half the mornings. When I am pregnant, Jason is on his own. But today, was a good day. Of course, wee-early hours of the mornings are still subject to babies. By the time Jason pulled out of our parkign space, driving the still frozen Durango, Isaiah was sitting on the couch and Lela was calling for me from her crib upstairs. My job began before the sun crept across the horizon.

I look at the mounds of laundry piled high in my dining room, waiting to be folded. I am intimidated by the piles on the floor, waiting to be washed. My floor is littered with toys and dirt, in desperate need of a good sweeping and mopping. My children's toys are picked up, but not sorted into appropriate bins. Sigh. The days demands are upon me, even at this early hour. Not to mention the "babies" and their moment to moment needs....

..... and I wonder why I have no time left for "quiet time"??? Good thing God can speak to me over the noise.

Monday, March 02, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

It's Not Me! Monday at MckMama's blog. Go join in on the fun ASAP!!

Buckle up for a snowy Not Me! List!! Smile!! It's gonna be super fun!

It was not me who encouraged her daughter to make a snow angel in the snow! I was not totally proud of her being willing to throw her cold self down on the wet ground!

It was not me who loved the three inches or so of snow we got in weather crazy Virginia! I did not whoop and holler as much as my kids upon seeing the snow covered ground.

This is not me. Nope. I would never have a snow ball fight with my big, strong husband. I so did not throw snowballs that missed their mark almost every time. My husband, being the wondrous gentlemen he is, would never throw snow at his wife's face. No, not us.

This is not my rocking family who I LOVE!!! We are not covered in snow and LOVING IT!
It's snowed out Monday! Enjoy your day, everyone!! Blessings!! -Jess

revolutionary love

I have experienced revolutionary love. Love with no strings attached. Jesus Christ loves me and made a way for me to have a relationship with the One True God. God desires a relationship with you, too. If you have yet to experience this revolutionary love, please email me at so I can share this amazing experience with you. Blessings, -Jess